Spaces available in Feb 22 workshop on Legistar and LexTV

Please note that there are still a few spaces available for this coming Saturdays’ workshop!!
See the bottom of the flyer below for link to register.


Skills for Engaged Citizens and Neighborhoods
Using Lexington’s Online Sources for Public Records & Information
Workshops sponsored by Fayette County Neighborhood Council with Friends of Wolf Run

  • For citizens and neighborhoods who take an active part in city affairs, who need clear and ready access to public documents, processes and data to get things done.
  • For people who want to join the critical conversations in local government with a greater knowledge of the issues– more than the news headlines.


Saturday, February 22, 9:30-12:00
Lexington Public Library, Central Branch, Computer Lab

Legistar links you to Council agendas, deliberations, reports, contracts, committee work, votes.

  • Find reviews and changes to local laws, processes and services:  recycling, motorized scooters, code enforcement, homeless shelters.
  • Find contracts for projects, and for studies that may set the terms for future projects:  I-75 Connector and alternatives; Town Branch Trail; Nicholasville Rd. traffic, transit and land development.
  • Find tax incentives for development, job creation, housing: TIF for commercial projects; Opportunity Zones for low-income census tracts.
  • Find zoning matters where Council has final vote, passed on by Planning Commission:  Zone changes at a given location. ZOTA, text amendments that rewrite the rules within a single zone (say, shopping center) or type of zone (say, multi-family residential) or a zoning topic  (like parking, accessory-dwellings, historic preservation or tree protection).

LexTV offers live streaming and a video archive that can be viewed online, on cable channel 185 or on YouTube.  Find hearings and meetings of:

  • Council & its Committees
  • Board of Architectural Review for H-1 districts
  • Planning Commission
  • Rural Land Management Board for PDR, etc.
  • Transportation Policy Committee for major road design & funding.
  •  Board of Adjustment for conditional-use permits for schools & churches; variances; etc.


Saturday, March  21, 9:30-12:00
Lexington Public Library, Central Branch, Computer Lab

PVA offers a wealth of information, with maps, aerial photos, and data.  Learn how to turn on layers to get information on areas and neighborhoods as well as single properties:  dimensions, boundaries, zoning, housing and commercial land use, streets, streams, etc.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet offers maps, data and photos on a still larger scale.

LexCall 311 assists by phone and internet with city services for trash, streets, code enforcement, etc.  Learn to use the online interface or phone app to make an inquiry or complaint and track it through to its resolution.


 Computers and wi-fi are available; you may bring a laptop, smart phone, or other device.  Participants need to have basic internet navigation skills, understand how to download documents, and work with basic document types like pdf and Word docs. 

 Register for one or more workshops:  February 22 workshop  March 21 workshop  

Contact for more information.