FCNC General Meeting Feb. 12, 2024

February 4, 2024

 Re: Fayette County Neighborhood Council General Meeting

 Where and when: Tates Creek Christian Church, Monday, February 12, 6:30 p.m.  Doors Open at 6:10 p.m.

 – Mayor Linda Gorton’s Monarch Butterfly Pledge
 – Strategies for Changing Short-Term Rental Ordinance and Proposed Smart Growth Ordinance


Dear Neighbors,

 We have invited Steve Rogers from the Division of Parks and Recreation to make a presentation in support of Mayor Linda Gorton’s Monarch Pledge.  Steve will provide attendees with information about how they can incorporate Monarch habitat into their communities.  He also will provide information about native plants that can be installed in garden spaces and some general information about Monarch butterflies.  This is an important topic because of the currently noticeable decline in both the butterfly and pollinator populations.  Bring your friends who have an interest in gardening.  Council Members may be able to offer financial support for a planned effort.

Neighborhoods have significant concerns with both the recently passed Short-Term Rental Ordinance and the proposed Urban Growth Management Zoning Text Amendment (aka, at least by FCNC, The Smart Growth? Ordinances).  We need to establish strategies to change these two pieces of legislation so that they are not so potentially detrimental to neighborhoods.  Working independently is desirable, but working together is more effective.

The next LFUCG meeting relating to its Smart Growth? Ordinances will be a meeting of the General Government and Planning Committee of the Urban County Council on February 15, at which the Committee will not allow public comment.  However, I expect opportunities in the immediate future to make recommendations to Council Members.

Different neighborhoods will have different priorities and ideas with regard to these ordinances.  Come on the 12th to explain what bothers you the most regarding the two ordinances with ideas on how to change them.  If you support parts of the two ordinances, come with that as well.  FCNC will provide a framework for discussion.  A key factor in our meeting will be organization and engagement.  We will need to formulate a plan to physically work together if we are to make a difference.

Please attend the meeting on the 12th.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact FCNC via email at fayetteneighborhoods@gmail.com.  We are also looking to expand the size of the FCNC Board of Directors.  If you would like to participate or have a nomination, please contact via email or see me after the meeting.

Walt Gaffield, President
Fayette County Neighborhood Council, Inc.