Maxwell St Zone Change hearing before Council Tues 2/11 at 5pm

Dear Neighbors,

The FCNC recommends that you try to attend the zone change hearing before the Lexington Fayette Urban County Council on Tuesday night, February 11. The developer is appealing a Planning Commission decision to not allow a zone change for building a ten-story building on Maxwell Street that would house 500 college students. Surrounding neighborhoods gave lengthy arguments at the Planning Commission hearing earlier that objected to this zone change (see the web site’s Nov. 22, 2019 item on this Planning Commission hearing for background, the fourth item in the list on This is a bit of a test case for neighborhoods on busy streets, because part of the justification for the location is that the developer and planning staff consider Maxwell Street to be an arterial like Nicholasville Road and the adjoining Aylesford neighborhood to be part of Lexington’s urban core like Main Street. It would be desirable to have a lot of people attend so the Council understands the issue is important to council members’ constituents.

The following directions are from the Aylesford Neighborhood.

Here are the particulars:

For those who are attending the City Council hearing on meeting on Tuesday, February 11 see the information below:
– The meeting starts at 5:00 pm and is located in the Council Chambers at 200 E. Main Street.
– Parking is available in the County Clerk’s office (next door) or the Helix garage. There is also limited bike parking out front.
– Upon arrival, check-in at the security desk to get a visitor badge. You will need an ID.
– The Council Chambers is on the 2nd floor. When you arrive in the chambers room, sign in at the door, regardless of whether you wish to speak. This is an important step, as it records your official opposition to the zone change/development
– After the presentations by the developer and the Aylesford Neighborhood, the general public will have the opportunity to express their opinions. Anyone who wishes can have 3 minutes to speak. We have been informed that we CANNOT donate time to others. If you choose, you may read your opposition letter or speak on a specific point. Or simply state that you agree with prior points that have been raised.
– The Neighborhood position will focus on the zone change and the out of context size/scope of this project. We will touch on other points as well.


Walt Gaffield, President
Fayette County Neighborhood Council, Inc.