Please help with Code Enforcement Survey

Dear Neighbors,

Council Members Gray and Lynch have been hosting a series of meetings about Code Enforcement in Lexington and have developed a survey.  They would like your assistance with their survey and invite you to submit a narrative of your own experience with this topic.

Successful Code Enforcement (CE) is critical for neighborhoods because it deals with many aspects of housing.  Relevant issues include but are not limited to

·       vacant property,
·       set-outs of possessions on the curb when people are evicted,
·       real estate investors who do not maintain houses,
·       a lack of property maintenance,
·       gentrification,
·       the fact that needed residential and other property inspections may not take place unless there is a citizen complaint,
·       housing equity,
·       affordability,
·       rental property (both short-term and long-term)
·       and the lack of affordable housing

to name only a few topics that are important in housing.

Code Enforcement touches on these issues and more.  Please think about housing and your experience with Code Enforcement and complete the survey at the link below.

Code Enforcement Experiences Survey

The narrative part of the survey will also allow you to comment on broad overall issues that touch on Code Enforcement.

Thanks for your assistance,

Walt Gaffield, President
Fayette County Neighborhood Council, Inc.