FCNC General Meeting, Monday July 17, 2023

Dear Neighbors:

Re: Lexington History: Public Policy, Racial Justice, and Housing
FCNC General Meeting, Monday July 17, 2023
Tates Creek Christian Church, 6:30 p.m.

The Fayette County Neighborhood Council (FCMC) believes that its July 17 General Meeting is unusually important and encourages you to invite friends who may not be FCNC members. We frequently talk about housing, city ordinances, public engagement, public safety, the environment, smart growth, and many other topics, all of which are very important for neighborhoods. However, we sometimes think about our own neighborhoods and problems without considering what might be best for Lexington as a whole or Lexington’s history–how did we get to where we are and should that inform where we go in the future?

Our presenters, Barbara Sutherland and Rona Roberts, will speak about the history and the impact of segregated housing in Lexington. They will be presenting historical research grounded in archival documents such as maps, deeds, government policies, and marketing materials related to numerous Lexington neighborhoods. Barbara is a retired city employee and librarian, and Rona is a writer and researcher. They were college friends and have lived almost all of their lives in our community. Their goal is to share knowledge as a basis for addressing longstanding injustice. You will not be able to get this information in one place anywhere else. The basis of the presentation is factual, and our knowing more should increase understanding and better decision making.

July 17th is the third Monday of the month (not the second as usual). Please plan on attending, and let’s try to increase our audience for this important presentation. We encourage you to bring neighbors and friends. This presentation is intended to broaden your knowledge of Lexington’s history related to housing and neighborhood development and does not advocate any particular position on such matters. No official FCNC business will be conducted at this meeting. We will follow this message with a reminder about this meeting as the time approaches.


Walt Gaffield, President

Fayette County Neighborhood Council, Inc.