Can Overlay Zoning Help Protect Neighborhood Character?: FCNC General Mtg May 13, 7pm

Dear Neighbors,

With the emphasis of the 2018 Comprehensive Plan on infill, higher density, accessory dwelling units, teardowns, and rental property within Lexington’s neighborhoods, the FCNC has decided to devote a general meeting to Neighborhood Character Design Overlay and Historic Overlay zoning, ND-1 and H-1, respectively. Having these overlays in place will not impact the approval or disapproval of a request for higher density zoning in a neighborhood, but they could make a neighborhood a less desirable target and should have some impact on what a development might look like after a zone change. (More info? See

Overlays are simply a tool in a neighborhood’s toolbox. Achieving an overlay requires a lot of work on the part of a neighborhood to put in place, but it may be desirable to have such an overlay in place before a zone change request occurs.

SPEAKERS: Traci Wade, Planning Manager, LFUCG Division of Planning on Neighborhood Design Overlay Zoning, ND-1

Bettie Kerr, LFUCG Historic Preservation Officer, on Historic Overlay Zoning, H-1

WHERE: Tates Creek Christian Church, 3150 Tates Creek Road, enter from Albany Road, go to the far back of the church and enter the building from there.

WHEN: Monday Evening, May 13, Registration Opens early, Meeting begins at 7:00

WHY: Learn about Overlay Zones for neighborhoods, how to put one in place, what they do and do not accomplish

City Planning is placing increasing emphasis on infill and redevelopment in existing neighborhoods, and the FCNC expects that to continue into the future. A neighborhood may work toward overlay zoning not to prevent a zone change but rather to influence what is developed, so that it preserves some elements that are important for neighborhood character.

We also hope to pass out handouts on several Zoning Ordinance Text Amendments currently in the works that could impact you and your neighborhood.

Mark your calendars for next Monday evening, May 13, at 7:00!


Walt Gaffield, President
Fayette County Neighborhood Council, Inc.