FCNC General Meeting on March 14, 2022

Fayette County Neighborhood Council General Meeting
Monday, March 14, 2022, 6:30 p.m., Tates Creek Christian Church
3160 Tates Creek Church Road

 Principal Speaker:  Richard Young, Executive Director, CivicLex

 Dear Neighbors,

 Please plan on attending the Fayette County Neighborhood Council general meeting scheduled for this coming Monday (March 14) at 6:30 p.m. at Tates Creek Christian Church.  If entering the parking lot from Albany Road, the door to the meeting is in the far back corner of the church.  Registration will start at 6:10 p.m.

 We will devote at least two tables in the far back corner of the meeting room for those of you who would attend this in-person meeting only if masks are required.  Other than at those tables, we encourage everyone to wear masks, but they will be optional.  Please keep social distance in all circumstances.

 Richard Young will give a presentation about On the Table (OTT), which will be different and more important this year than in previous years.  Everyone participating in an OTT meeting during the week of April 10 – April 16 will answer (on paper) the same multiple-choice questions and will have a small space to explain their answers.  A discussion will follow, after which attendees can change their answers or comments.  A final question will ask whether the discussion caused the attendee to change any answers.

 These sessions will go on all week, citywide, with (in the past) around 3,000 attendees giving answers.  University of Kentucky professors will analyze and post the results (anonymously attributed), and the results will be available to the public online some time shortly after the conclusion of OTT week.  The UK professors will read and quantify the narrative parts of the responses as well.  LFUCG Planning will use the results directly in producing the new 2023 Comprehensive Plan.

 The Comp Plan determines what happens to our zoning ordinances and determines the results of zone change requests.  The Comp Plan involves development – where and what gets developed; the environment, including trees, water, and air quality, and sewage overflows; transportation including trails, public transportation, highways, and traffic; the Urban Services Boundary; and neighborhood issues – gentrification, affordable housing, commercialization, context, design, population density, parking, etc.  OTT will lead to a public record of what your neighborhood thinks because the results will be sortable geographically.  If your neighborhood does not participate, then it should expect to have little “say” about what is in the Comp Plan and about what happens next in Lexington’s future regarding neighborhoods.

 Please register for On the Table at ottlex.org.  When you register for OTT, you will follow a narrative from CivicLex that explains what kinds of meetings there are (public and private), and other facts that you will need.  We will explain the registration process further at the general meeting also.  After you register, please let the FCNC know by sending email to fayetteneighborhoods@gmail.com, and FCNC will find a meeting for you.  Alternatively, you can register by signing up as a host, and we will find participants looking for OTT meetings.  Most meetings will be on ZOOM, but not all.


 Walt Gaffield, President,
Fayette County Neighborhood Council, Inc.