Welcome to the Fayette County Neighborhood Council, which represents member neighborhood and homeowners associations in Fayette County! 

Contact us. The quickest and easiest way to reach us is fayetteneighborhoods@gmail.com .

History. FCNC was formed several years ago when some neighborhoods gathered to discuss issues and problems they had in common. They then decided that working together would be a more efficient way of solving some of those problems and issues. Protecting neighborhoods’ integrity, aesthetics, history, quality of life and functionality created a common basis from which to devise solutions. Thousands of hours later and hundreds of meetings later much has been accomplished for the good of our neighborhoods.

Advocacy. FCNC serves as an advocate before the community and the government for matters that are important to our neighbors. The organization operates on the premise that collectively neighborhoods can accomplish many things that they could never do in a single fashion. We are committed to serving as an information conduit to you, our neighbors. We do this through mailings, newsletters, speakers, workshops and conferences.

FCNC has tackled tough community problems of storm water and sanitary sewers and traffic. We have supported the Purchase of Development Rights program and the Tree Ordinance and opposed the Pipeline to Louisville. We have advocated for parks and greenways and bike paths for all our neighborhoods. We are very committed to clean water and clean air.

Service.  In January of 2005 FCNC formed a Neighborhood Consulting Service whereby neighbors with problems or questions could contact us and we would respond within 24-48 hours. The service has been very successful. More often than not we answer your question and/or solve the problem and if not, we can refer you to someone or some entity that can. Current contact is fayetteneighborhoods@gmail.com

Frequently asked questions we can answer:

1. Can you help us organize a neighborhood association?
2. Should our Treasurer be bonded?
3. Who should write checks on the association’s account?
4. How can we protect ourselves if our neighborhood owns a retention or detention basin?
5. Is it a good idea to have professional management of our neighborhood?
6. Should we let renters join our association?
7. What can we do if our Association President refuses to call a meeting or elect new officers as required by our by-laws?
8. What do we do if we know there is criminal activity going on in the neighborhood and neighbors are afraid to report it for fear of retaliation?

Membership. FCNC is a 501C3 tax deductible organization. Our membership is open to all Fayette County Neighborhood Associations.

Joining the Fayette County Neighborhood Council has the following benefits:

  • The FCNC has general meetings with city leaders to learn about and discuss issues of importance to neighborhoods.
  • We conduct timely workshops and bring in experts to deal with neighborhood issues.
  • The FCNC Board consists of neighborhood leaders from across Lexington with expertise in how to have a successful neighborhood or homeowners association and how to solve common problems.
  • The FCNC enhances neighborhood connections with the Urban County Government:  http://Lexingtonky.gov

Livable, beautiful, green neighborhoods for Lexington, KY, USA