Neighborhood Issue Presentations

Reminder! FCNC will have a general membership meeting on Monday June 11  featuring a panel discussion on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). The meeting will be held at the new Lexington Senior Center at 195 Life Lane and will begin at 7pm.  Tours of the new Center will be given at 6:30pm for those who are interested.

ADUs involve construction of second dwelling units on single-family lots.  These can be an enhancement or addition to an existing home or a separate additional structure. While these are often made so that parents can live with adult children in their later years, they can also include additional rental property.  The LFUCG Planning staff are currently considering  new zoning regulations for ADUs. This panel will help prepare us for  any proposed new zoning.  The panel will include LFUCG Planning staff, a representative from the Senior Services Commission, and members from the FCNC.  The Senior Services Commission advocates for the addition of ADUs in backyards.  FCNC has longstanding concerns about them. Please join us and bring your own interests and concerns!

Mark your calendars for the next two meetings of the Fayette County Neighborhood Council.

The first, on May 14, will deal with zoning and code enforcement.  We are planning on having Jim Marx, the Zoning Enforcement manager for LFUCG, and we are working on who will attend from Code Enforcement (CE).  We have asked how CE works with the Abandoned Property Commission and with other parts of the Urban County Government to deal with serious code enforcement issues.  Too many occupants or dwellings on a property; building, paving or demolishing without a permit; violating conditions on a development plan; illegal business activity; and often noisy bars or nightclubs are examples of Zoning Enforcement issues.  Tall weeds, dilapidated buildings and broken windows are examples of Code Enforcement issues.

Our second meeting will be on June 11 and will be a panel discussion of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), aka “Granny Flats”.  These units involve construction of additional living units within an existing property, often made so that parents can live with adult children in their later years.  The LFUCG Planning Commission hopes to introduce a Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment (ZOTA) authorizing ADUs in the Fall, and we want to be prepared in advance of the effort.  The panel will include LFUCG Planning, the FCNC, and the Senior Citizen’s Commission.  The commission advocates for the addition of ADUs in backyards.  FCNC has longstanding concerns about them.

The May 14, 7 p.m. meeting will be at Tates Creek Christian Church at the corner of Tates Creek and Albany Roads.  We are planning on having the June 11 meeting in a different location nearer downtown or the north side; we will notify you when a location is finalized.


GAME OF ZONES: A Citizen’s Guide to the LFUCG Zone Change Process

Saturday February 17, 2018 8:30-noon

What happens when you hear there is a proposed zone change in your neighborhood? This workshop is intended to introduce Lexington residents to the current zone change process, including where to find information about the zone change and strategies for becoming involved in the process.

Location: Unitarian Universalist Church on Clays Mill Road

The following link is from Susan Speckert, the Executive Director of the Fayette Alliance, who spoke at the September meeting of the FCNC.


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