Dear Neighbors,

The Fayette County Neighborhood Council (FCNC) has participated with the Fayette Alliance, CivicLex, the Lexington Herald-Leader, the Bluegrass Trust for Historic Preservation, the Kentucky Farm Bureau, CommerceLex, the League of Women Voters, and numerous other organizations to create a voting web site.  (Special thanks to the Fayette Alliance and to Civic Lex for coordinating this effort.)  That site is, and it was designed to help neighbors determine

·         how to vote absentee (you can request a ballot using the web site)

·         who to vote for (lots of information to read about individual candidates) and

·         what your individual ballot will look like.

See the key at the top right of the home page to proceed to each topic.

The FCNC strongly recommends that as many people as possible vote via a mail-in absentee ballot.  The only in-person voting site in Fayette County will be at Kroger Field on the University of Kentucky campus, and anyone going there should expect long lines and difficulty in maintaining social distance.  (One exception:  The Lexington Senior Center will accommodate people with disabilities or impairments that make it difficult for them to vote in person or absentee; such persons can make an appointment to vote at the Senior Center by calling the Fayette County Clerk’s office.)

To vote absentee, you must request a mail-in absentee ballot no later than June 15, and completed ballots must be mailed back postmarked before June 23.  Request your absentee ballot now, determine for whom you will vote, complete the ballot when you receive it in the next few days, and send it to the County Clerk in the pre-paid envelope that comes with the ballot.  Alternatively, you can request an absentee ballot by either going to or calling the County Clerk at 859-253-3344.  The web site is the easiest way to do it.

Again, the website with the information you need is 

If you vote in the 3rd or 9th LFUCG Council District, you probably know that the current council member is not running for re-election.  In both of these districts, there are four candidates for the upcoming vacant seat.  These candidates have had an opportunity to answer questions to help you get to know their positions and make an informed choice among them, and this information appears on the web site.  For other races, candidate information is available via links to other web sites.  FCNC also has sent a questionnaire with specific neighborhood issues to each of the candidates in the 3rd and 9th Districts and will soon post their responses at  Please look for these answers early next week.  The FCNC web site also has a link to

Please vote!  Also, please assist your neighbors in obtaining an absentee ballot if needed, especially if they lack Internet access.  And since as a recipient of FCNC mailings, you are connected with neighborhood organizations, please send the information in this email to your members.  Your help can be the factor that gets more citizens to participate in the election!

If you have questions, please contact FCNC at


Walt Gaffield, President

Fayette County Neighborhood Council, Inc.