FCNC Submits Position on Accessory Dwelling Units Zoning Ordinance to Planning Commission

[Note that the ADU hearing will be held in Council Chambers at 1:30 on Thursday September 26. It will NOT be moved to the Phoenix Building.]

September 21, 2019

Michael Owens, Chair
Members of the LFUCG Planning Commission
Phoenix Building, 101 East Vine Street
Lexington, Kentucky 40507

Re: Draft Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance

Dear Chairman Owens and Members of the Commission:

Find attached comments from the Fayette County Neighborhood Council regarding the Draft ADU Ordinance under Planning Commission consideration on September 26. Please distribute our comments to the members of the Commission prior to the upcoming hearing. They likely are more comprehensive than you will receive from any other person or group, and we represent many of Lexington’s neighborhoods. This is the most consequential of any Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment (ZOTA) the Commission has considered in a number of years, so the FCNC is expecting full Commission attendance at the hearing, especially if the Commission intends to pass the draft Ordinance on the same day as the hearing.

The FCNC believes that the Commission has not addressed neighborhood concerns. The public meetings on ADUs were inadequate, disappointing, and misleading and included errors of omission and commission. At least one of the meetings included an outside lobbyist. Staff is aware of FCNC concerns but chose not to address them in the interest of advocating for its own proposal without discussing them with the Commission. The draft Ordinance is not ready for Planning Commission passage.

The FCNC was unaware that the Planning Commission needed a “sponsor” to initiate a ZOTA, and that was the staff explanation to Council for proceeding with an ADU ZOTA first, without an essential Licensing and Inspection Ordinance. The FCNC accepts the staff offer and will “sponsor” a Licensing and Inspection ZOTA. When do we begin and how? Rental licensing and inspection has been an issue since a major task force effort recommended it as a top priority in 2009.

Please advise if you have any questions or if we can be of further assistance.


Walt Gaffield, President
Fayette County Neighborhood Council, Inc.