SEPT 9 FCNC MTG on Accessory Dwelling Units

Dear Neighbors,

The next general meeting of the Fayette County Neighborhood Council (FCNC) will be on Monday evening, September 9 and primarily will be concerned with Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) aka “Granny Flats.”.

What: FCNC General Meeting
When: Monday Evening, September 9, 7:00
Where: Tates Creek Christian Church, 3150 Tates Creek Road–enter from Albany Road, go to the far
back corner of the church and enter from there
Subject: ACCESSORY DWELLING UNITS, Board Election, New Planning Ordinances

The Lexington Planning Commission is considering a new Ordinance that would permit Accessory Dwelling Units in backyards throughout Lexington. They can be attached or detached, they can be as large as 800 square feet, and they may house up to four (4) unrelated renters in addition to the four (4) unrelated renters already allowed by Ordinance in the principal residence. The ADU will be a second dwelling unit on a single lot in the R-1 single family zone. The FCNC is very concerned about the Ordinance as written. The ADU would be “by right,” so neighbors would have no authority to contest or change a proposed ADU. The format of the meeting will be a presentation about what is in the ordinance followed by questions and answers. Would an ADU Ordinance accelerate gentrification and the replacement of homeowners with renters?

We briefly will be discussing two (2) other proposed ordinances, one on signage and the other on an alternate zoning process that came from the development community. The FCNC Board of Directors has started to look for new Board Members, and the first step in the process will be to reauthorize the existing board by vote in the General Meeting.

Neighborhoods can accomplish more working together through the FCNC. We offer workshops, speakers, public advocacy, and communications. If your neighborhood has not joined yet this year dues are $40 per year, and we will pass out membership forms on the 9th. The dues should be sent to P.O. Box 4161, Lexington Kentucky 40544. Lane Boldman is our representative on the LFUCG Census Committee, and you can find census information at and The latter site provides employment opportunities.

Be there on the 9th!

Walt Gaffield, President, Fayette County Neighborhood Council, Inc.