Placebuilder Workshops Scheduled for Neighborhoods & Developers

From Grace Coy in LFUCG Planning:

As you may have heard at our recent Public Hearing, we will be offering further education opportunities regarding The Placebuilder throughout the months of March – June.  These workshops will focus on The Placebuilder and how it will function as a tool for future development in Lexington.

Though The Placebuilder is a document for all types of users, we have decided to tailor the information according to how the document will be used.  As a result, we have divided the workshop offerings into two groups: applicants & citizens.

Our very first citizen-oriented workshop will be held on Tuesday, March 19th, from 6p – 8p in the 7th Floor Conference Room of the Phoenix Building.  Those who fall-in more with the “applicant” group are not discouraged from attending, but should note that this round will feature information tailored more for neighbors and how they can utilize The Placebuilder in the future.

We would like to get an idea of the number of attendees for this event, so we request that you register HERE . This workshop is FREE and open to the public.

Please check out the file attached HERE for additional workshop dates/opportunities for 2019!

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.